Criminal Justice Degrees Online


Welcome to the Centralia College online criminal justice web site. We are the only community college in the State of Washington that offers criminal justice Associate Degrees completely online. Centralia College strives to offer the best online criminal justice programs for students anywhere with internet access. We have built a solid criminal justice degree program and have been providing distant education since 2008. When you enroll in one of our online criminal justice courses you can be sure that you will get the knowledge and experience that you are hoping for to prepare you for a career in criminal justice, or simply enhance your existing knowledge base if you are working in the field. We also offer the same courses and degree options on on our main campus. Working professionals without a degree can benefit from completing one of our degree programs as well. They may receive the following career enhancements and advantages, depending on the agency, in the following ways:

  • - Increased base pay education incentives.
  • - Promotional opportunities.
  • - Hiring agencies may require a degree.
  • - More effective service delivery in the field.

Unlike most online colleges and universities, Centralia College is a "brick and mortar" academic institution of about 3,000 students. We are not just a criminal justice college either, and have many college programs available on our campus as well as online. We employ over 300 full and part-time faculty, staff, and administrators. If you’d like to find us on the map, Centralia is located in Lewis County, Washington, exactly midway between Seattle and Portland, Oregon along Interstate 5.

Centralia College is a Washington State community college accredited through the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. Students can be assured that credits and degrees earned through Centralia College are recognized by future employers, other academic institutions, and the United States Department of Education. For more information about online criminal justice degrees at Centralia College, please look around this website. You will find a lot of information regarding our criminal justice program.